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Aquel que haya estudiado medicina no puede negar que en algún momento de su carrera y profesión ha estado en contacto con el inglés medico, ya sea lectura, congreso, conversación con colegas de profesión pero como bien dice el doctor Ramiro Yanes, también es bueno escuchar canciones en inglés entenderlas o tener acceso a mucha información.

¿Y los que no estamos en esta profesión pero nos fascinan las series de medicina. por qué vemos dichas series?

Hoy hablamos de series, vocabulario específico y mind maps que nos ayudan a mejorar un inglés tan específico como único en su estructura.

Cuando se trata de formatos de programas de televisión populares, nada supera a los programas sobre médicos. Y es obvio por qué. La profesión médica se presta al drama. Los médicos se enfrentan a situaciones de vida o muerte cada día de la semana. Además, parece más realista que una serie de detectives la cual gira en torno a un asesinato tras otro cada semana (aunque algunos lo hacen), todos los días se lleva gente al hospital.

La enfermedad y la muerte son algo que a todos nos asusta, pero verlas pasar en la comodidad de nuestro hogar en la pantalla de nuestro televisor, bueno, eso nos permite tratarlas de una manera que no nos afecta personalmente. A continuación tenemos una lista de los 10 de los mejores programas médicos de la televisión de todos los tiempos, basándose en los índices de audiencia, los premios y la longevidad. Una lista de 10, sin embargo, inevitablemente dejará fuera algunos programas, quizás sus favoritos. Y por supuesto en inglés así practicáis un poco de lectura. Al final también recomendaremos series nuevas que están arrazando.


These two shows harkened in the birth of popular, mainstream doctor-as-hero shows. Up to the early 1960s, TV ratings were dominated by westerns, like Wagon Train and, of course, Bonanza. Then along came Dr. Kildare, a series based on the popular movies, and starring the strikingly handsome Richard Chamberlain. About the same time another network aired its own medical show, Ben Casey. Here was the «anti-Kildare.» Casey, as portrayed by Vince Edwards was a brilliant surgeon but a bit gruff (with a heart of gold of course). Sound familiar? Casey was Dr. House before there was a Dr. House. Both shows were ratings winners and made stars of their lead actors.

Vital signs (Kildare): Years ran: 1961-1966 Star: Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey
Awards: 9 nominations, 2 wins, including Best Actor (Chamberlain)


Edie Falco had just left The Sopranos, when she landed this role as a nurse with a bucketload of personal problems. One of SHOWTIME’s most popular original series ever, Jackie Peyton, an overworked RN, got through her days on drugs, which made each story either dramatic, comedic or both, often at the same time. The show ended its run this past June.

Vital signs: Years ran: 2009-2015 Star: Edie Falco Awards: Falco won an Emmy for Best Actress in 2010; Show has had 79 nominations for various awards and won 13, including Falco’s Emmy.


A medical drama that is as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel. The insidious adventures, often sexual, of two plastic surgeons, with South Florida and Beverly Hills practices as backdrop. Watching it, you often didn’t know if it was satire or drama; maybe best to call it dramedy. Through the years you were treated to several star turns (satire, Ms. Rivers?) as viewers joyfully watched the wretched personal lives of two very successful business partners,and surgeons.

Vital signs: Years ran: 2003-2010 Stars: Dylan Walsh, Joley Richardson, with notable guest stars, including Joan Rivers
Awards: 50 nominations, 10 wins, including program of the year. Emmy and Golden Globe award winner.


Scrubs follows the story of John Michael «J.D.» Dorian as he begins his medical career at Sacred Heart Hospital. The show occasionally veers into more serious or dramatic storylines, and has earned praise for the accuracy of both its medicine and its depiction of the early-career experience. At its core, however, Scrubs strives for bizarre, even absurd comedy first and foremost, and places detailed depictions of medical practice much further down on the priority list.

Vital signs: Years ran: 2001-201 Star: Zach Braff, with guest appearances by Brendan Fraser, Heather Graham, and Colin Farrell.
Awards: 117 nominations and 31 wins, including lead acting by Braff


St. Elsewhere enjoyed great popularity in the 1980s, in no small part thanks to a star-studded cast. Show alumni include Denzel Washington, Howie Mandel, David Morse, and Mark Harmon. The show drew both praise and criticism for the twist at the very end of its final episode, but its impact on popular culture endures to this day in the form of a popular theory that suggests that hundreds of television shows share its universe.

Vital signs: Years ran: 1982-1988 Star: Ed Begley Jr., William Daniels, Howie Mandel, Denzel Washington, Mark Harmon
Awards: 83 nominations, 24 wins, including Outstanding Drama (Emmy) and Best Actor (Daniels, an Emmy).


You mean you’ve never seen an episode of this long-running afternoon soap opera? Or you’ve never heard of Luke and Laura? Where have you been the last 50 years? Like most soap operas, this one had its share of murders, marriages, mistresses and general all around mayhem. But what really stands out are the number of big stars who got their start on GH. And Elizabeth Taylor, who was such a fan that she signed up for a series of guest appearances as one of the key characters in a story arc.

Vital signs: Years ran: 1963- present
Star: Demi Moore, John Stamos, Elizabeth Taylor, Ricky Martin, Kristin Davis, Mark Hamill, Rick Springfield, Richard Dean Anderson, Genie Francis, Jack Wagner,
Awards: 494 nominations, 246 wins including many best actress, best show, best actor awards.


There was no stopping Grey’s Anatomy when it first aired in 2005. Ratings and awards were a given. Women swooned over McDreamy (Dempsey)…but the core of the show were the women doctors, strong, sexy and very smart. Yes, the show is a soap opera of sorts, and a long running one at that. But despite cast changes, the show rolls on, still popular, still ground-breaking.

Vital signs:
Years ran: 2005-present Star: Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Chris O’Donnell
Awards: 172 nominations, 61 wins, including best drama and best actress


A classic, in every sense of the word. Based on the Robert Altman movie of the same name, no one could have expected the TV series to even approach the popularity of the flick, which was a not so veiled criticism of war in general, and the Vietnam War in particular (though the TV show took place in Korea). But it did. Alan Alda, already a star, became a mega star as the wise cracking surgeon, using his wits to remain sane in a blood soaked makeshift operating room. Radar, Hot Lips…what great characters. These are shows that never grow old.

Vital signs: Years ran: 1972-1983 Star: Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit
Awards: 153 nominations (Golden Globes, Emmy) and 61wins, including Best Comedy, Best Actor (Alda)


You may fight us on this one. Many critics think that House is the best medical show ever, and that would be hard to deny. The original pitch was simple: Sherlock Holmes as doctor who solves mysterious cases every week. So far, so good. But the way actor Hugh Laurie played the character broke all the rules. How many drug addicted, grumpy, rude genius doctors become heroes and star in a long running TV show? House was never likeable, but the shows were brilliantly written and acted. A show for the ages.

Vital signs: Years ran: 2004-2012 Star: Hugh Laurie, Olivia Wilde, Sela Ward, Chi McBride
Awards: 116 nominations (Golden Globes, Emmy) and 53 wins, including Best Drama, Best Actor (Laurie, 2006,2007)

  1. E.R.

Remember E.R.? It ruled the airwaves for 15 years, with its mix of drama, comedy, and angst, set in a large city emergency room. And the stars… George Clooney became a mega star based on his work in ER. Julianne Margulies (she of The Good Wife) as well, was introduced to the world. Created by best-selling author Michael Crichton, ER was more than about just love and lives gained and lost. It was must see-TV at the very highest level of artistic achievement.

Vital signs: Years ran: 1994-2009 Star: George Clooney, Julianne Margulies, Noah Wylie, Anthony Edwards, Alex Kingston
Awards: 356 nominations, 151 wins, including Best Series, and many Best Actor and Actresses Emmy, Golden Globes.

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