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The key to successful communication is to be clear, concise, coherent and concrete. 

Translating and Interpreting is about bringing together various moving parts actively and organically that your audience will understand your message in the best possible way. 

We can help you

Most common client Issues with translating and interpreting 

The main concerns clients have is will they be able to communicate their message that is natural sounding and understandable or will it be babble and confusing

  • Direct translations are correct but don’t sound the way you expected
  • Spend a lot of money (client doesn’t get what  the expect)
  • Translators only translate what they are given they do not know about the specific context of the clients sector and customer base.
  • Original language may not be clear enough 

We will help you breakdown the key points you want to communicate 

Identify your needs and expectations 

Liaise directly and regularly during the translation and Interpretation process. 

Translations and Interpreting are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Finish and German

Example questions:

What do you want to communicate? 

What is the core essence and key points you want to communicate?

What is the simplest way to communicate your message?


Flex specialise in:

Documentation (general, business and legal)


Marketing and Advertising 


E- commerce.   


Flex interpreters specialise in large or small scale:






Translation process: 

  • Consult on needs and expectations
  • Receive documentation, materials  or send theme of event. 
  • Discuss options for the the best course of action with the client.
  • Send quote per words/specific vocabulary project in 1 day
  • Set delivery time: depending on length and difficulty of vocabulary

Interpreting process: 

Short term requirements:

  • Consultation for requirements meeting or event 
  • Attending meeting or event 
  • Seamless translating and interpreting during events 
  • Feedback. 
  • Using zoom for large groups

Why choose Flex?

For Flex our clients translation and Interpreting services are about trust and accurately meeting client expectations 


  • You articulate the message, we translate it and show your brand just as you would do.
  • Translators and interpreters from various backgrounds and fields will help you get your message across
  • Explain the essence of your company to foreign clients in another language as well as in Spanish.
  • Translations and interpreting that that sounds real and natural to your audience

Its not just about simply translating material and adapting the language in the right way 

It’s about communicating the essence of the company, product, market and customers 

It’s about using our experience in communication skills to  make it understandable, fluid and natural. 

It’s about how to communicate in the right message in the right way to the right people