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Linguistic Audit, Executive Services, Intenational Consulting, Flexmentoring

The first step in planning your organisation's language training programmes.

The Linguistic Audit is a professional assessment tool that provides organisations with a detailed analysis of the current linguistic skills and competencies of departments and employees that are required to communicate professionally using multiple languages as part of their roles and responsibilities. 

Based on our experience in conducting Linguistic audits the most common situations are: 

-An organisation initiates or upgrades its language training programme to focus on specific targeted areas that require specialist training 

-An organisation expands into international markets, increases global presence or moves overseas. 

An organisation is failing to break into a foreign market and is dissatisfied with the level of language proficiency. 

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English for multinational situations

Development of professional skills for Executive level and Core personnel required to be used in English for multi national situations. 

Executive services uses English as a platform to focus on Business and Management, Interpersonal communication skills, Cross cultural communication and Executive Coaching 

Flex Lingua is an expert in company-wide linguistic centred development programmes for International business and collaboration. 

We can help you take your professional skills and effectively transfer them to be used in English to achieve your business goals. 

Executive services are for companies and organisations:

-Expanding into international markets, increase global presence or move overseas. 

-Growing and becoming multinational. 

-In the process of International mergers. 

-Failing to break into a foreign market and is dissatisfied with the level of language proficiency. 

-Sending professionals to International events, vital meetings and negotiations.

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Be Prepared!

The complete end to end preparation service for hosting or attending  important cross cultural events, conferences and meetings.

We organise and prepare your team and company to effectively and professionally  communicate  your objectives and goals. 

Our team will recommend, provide solutions and facilitate the complete process including:

-Planing and organising of event 

-Development of materials 

-Preparation of team members for specific roles 

-Consulting negotiation teams in cross cultural situations 

-Ensure the smooth development of events, meetings, product presentations, visits, etc.

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Grow your business Internationally

Guidance, advice and experience to help you overcome challenges.

Sharing best practice is key to individual and team knowledge, development and improvements. 

Flex Mentoring is a service that actively promotes Mentoring and guidance to help individuals and young companies grow for the International market. 

Using our knowledge and experience in business management  and intercultural situations in a wide range of sectors to mentor and guide those that want to grow Internationally 

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