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What is a Linguistic audit? 

The Linguistic audit enables the organisation to accurately measure the current level of linguistic proficiency and help identify key language developmental needs at both strategic and organisational levels.


For Example

  •  Departments that need to liaise and deal with international clients and partners 
  • The skills required by employees in the effectiveness of functional and targeted language)

Executive Gold linguistic audit framework

The framework is composed of 4 phases to ensure we provide organisations with the most accurate analysis 

Benefits of a Linguistic audit 

  • Creates a cost effective solution  to invest in language training 
  • Gives a clear scenario when making business decisions and people development.
  • Establishes need at individual, strategic and organisational levels
  • Identifies the types of programmes required to achieve needs 
  • Indicates the costs in time, human resources, training and finance so the investment can improve performance to meet strategic and organisational goals
  • Provides  comprehensive reporting, evaluation and recommendations for developmental language programmes based on qualitative and qualitative assessment methods.