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Mentoring and guidance to help  individuals and young companies grow for the International market.

  • Are you feeling lost, demotivated and you are stuck in your life?
  • Have you thought about wanting to change your life and job?
  • Have you ever thought about starting your own business but don’t know how to begin? 
  • Are you experiencing  mountain sized issues, obstacles and challenges?

If the answer is yes to some or all of these questions then you have come to the right place. 

The team at Flex all have experienced these and found ways to overcome them all. 

“Compassion is a strength not a weakness!”

Our belief in helping people is what gives us strength to go on and build lasting relationships. It is a core principle 

Flex Mentoring is a session based service that:

  • Provides advice, options and solution for problem solving in different areas. 
  • Provides training and development for new or recently trained teachers, trainers or facilitators. 
  • Helps you clarify your business goals and objectives
  • Helps you develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. 
  • Guides you in enhancing your business skills and intellectual development.
  • Helps you identify business opportunities.
  • Set goals, objectives and action plans
  • Helps you through the transitional periods in starting and growing a small enterprise

This service is available to:

  • All ages and levels of experience. 
  • People struggling to find the way forward with their project, start up or business 
  • People facing obstacles and challenges 
  • People looking to gain understanding of being self employed and the administrative issues involved 
  • People who do not need training but still want to develop using a mentor as a sounding board

Examples of the areas for mentorship.

  • Start up’s 
  • SME’s 
  • Projects 
  • CPD Continual Professional Development 
  • How to find investment 
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Start-Ups
  • Train the trainers 
  • Teachers of Languages
  • Emotional health and wellbeing