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Develop yourself to develop your team and develop your company for the future!

  • Business and Management       
  •  Interpersonal Communication skills
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Executive Coaching

Learn to apply your skills and experience in English effectively and become more productive and effective. 

Executive Services focus on three inter related areas of your life:

  • Personal development: Focus is on you, your aims and goals for a better life, work-life balance, harmony, life fulfilment.
  • Professional development: Focus on acquiring the skills you need to develop your career path.
  • Company related: Focus is on developing your team and company through management, strategy and cultural change.

Some Benefits of Executive Services

  •  Transfer of professional skills is an added value that can be equally used in multi lingual situations. 

  •  Valuable international and intercultural business experience

  •  Improvement in level and fluency using English 

  •  Confidence in applying the English language to communicate your ideas and intentions effectively. 

  • Delivering Return on Investment for clients and companies 

  •  All our programmes are carefully designed in collaboration with clients to meet their specific needs and requirements.   

     As a result they are flexible and adaptable to your changing situations.

Business and Management

Business and Management is designed for:

Professionals that need to be use their knowledge and skills effectively in a second language to maintain the high level of quality and trust in their abilities. 

Professionals that want to develop new skills, techniques and methods to drive their company forwards successfully. 

Most important skills required for multinational business and management:

  • Leadership and effectively managing teams
  • Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Rapport Building/ Qualifying
  • Appraisals, Evaluations and CPD for International employees
  • Describing and Applying Business management tools for strategy

Interpersonal communication skills

Effective Interpersonal communication skills are the most important tools in business and involve conveying a clear and concise message. 

Learning how to improve your communication skills makes the difference between success and failure 

Most important interpersonal communication skills prized by top global companies:

  • Effective verbal skills 
  • Active listening skills 
  • Non verbal: Body language and Expressions
  • Assertiveness and Decision making 
  • Giving & receiving constructive feedback
  • Relationship management 
  • Mindfulness and Coping with pressure 

Cross Cultural Communication

Cultural differences can frustrate us because they are confusing and seem to be unpredictable that is why thorough knowledge of international business customs and practices are vitally important for people involved in building international relationships. 

Flex Lingua Cultural Interaction framework: 

  • Planning and Preparing using our cultural profiling tool
  • Creating your Meeting Protocols to help you culturally adapt to your clients. 
  • Best conduct at actual live events using techniques and models. 

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed for clients in executive, senior management and leadership roles that  need to set goals that align with the strategic goals of the organisation and help drive performance.   The range of services can be tailored to the clients developmental needs from skills development, performance improvement or providing a sounding board environment for problems solving, decision making and reflection. 

Our coaching approach provides you with a private and professional place to give you thinking time and help you make better decisions. The open session format enables clients to discuss important issues they need to make serious decisions on and/or find the best solutions to problems.