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About us

Flex lingua has been providing innovative teaching and training services to businesses, companies and organisations for over 15 years.  Through our innovative methods we have grown to become leaders in:

Specialised language services for business. 

Developing interpersonal and communication skills 

Preparing clients for Cross cultural business Communication 

Meet the Team

As a provider of languages and cross cultural collaboration services we believe in having a multinational team that provides extra value and reflects our experience, cultural diversity and vision.  

All our associates are multilingual and multi-skilled with experience in various sectors.  They function as an interconnected network of solutions available to our clients according to their needs. When you work with Flex you work with a team and all of their skills and experience. 

Luciana Garimaldi

Founder and CEO of Flex Lingua

Luciana is a trainer, translator, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Flex Lingua
Luciana is originally from Cordoba, Argentina and has always been passionate about learning, teamwork, technology and multiculturalism. Luciana gained International experience in diverse sectors from working in Argentina, UK and Spain. Luciana has over 20 years experience in Education and Development, International companies and regional governments. After working and collaborating with companies and associations eager to improve their learning process and technology Luciana founded Flex Lingua. As an entrepreneur she has participated in European Projects, collaborated with tech companies, start ups, SME’s in Spain, Europe, North and South America. Using her knowledge and experience Luciana also actively mentors and guides young female entrepreneurs who are passionate about starting their own businesses.

Luciana is a qualified teacher with a degree in Teaching English specialising in New Technologies, a degree in Translation and Interpreting and diplomas in Business management and Marketing.

Luciana specialises in:
- Flex Professional: Start Ups
- Flex Professional: 20-hour pack
- Flex Courses: one2one
- Flex Professionals: Translations
- Flex Mentoring
- Key Note Speaking and talks
- New Technology
- Designing programmes

Logan Makwana

Trainer, facilitator and coach

Logan is a trainer, facilitator and coach for all areas of Business English, Interpersonal communication skills and Cross cultural training
Logan has always had a passion for learning, exploring and travelling and as a result he has worked in many sectors and countries. Throughout his diverse careers the common theme has always been to train and develop people to help achieve their goals. Logan brings to Flex over 20 years experience in providing successful results for International clients in the Automotive industry, Financial Institutions, Education, Hospitality, Medical sector, Chemical companies and Regional government.
Logan is a qualified CELTA teacher with a degree in Psychology, a Masters diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and a post grad Certificate in Coaching Psychology
Logan specialises in:
Flex Professional: Executive services.
Flex Professional: International consulting.
Coaching Psychology.
Designing programmes.

John Meagher

Finance, translation and logistics

Sanda Luca


Our Story  – Building bridges

Flex Lingua began teaching Business English and English for Specific purposes (ESP) and early on  realised that learning a language simply wasn’t enough for successful business communication.  Traditional language courses allowed learners to acquire the language but did not help them apply their skills in the real professional world. 

Using innovative teaching and training techniques we developed the Flex Method to bridge the gap between learning languages and using languages professionally. At the same time exploring and adopting new technologies enabled us to enhance the client’s learning and user experience.  

Today all our programmes and courses balance language leaning with practical meaningful communication for international business situations.   We focus on achieving our clients language goals, developing cross cultural communication skills and apply supporting technology to make the learning process flexible, up-to-date and relevant to the learner’s needs.

To maintain a professional quality of service we keep our finger on the pulse by continually learning, piloting and adopting new forms of training and digital technologies.  

Our vision for the future is to Connect, Collaborate and Grow worldwide.

Our Method

We use a holistic approach through a combination of Teaching, training and coaching techniques which create the ideal working relationship with the client and makes them an equal partner in developing and working on their programme.

We break down the programme for the client so they can focus on learning exactly what they need then practice in conditions that replicate their business situations and environment.

Clients start using target language practically from day one. Our online platform Flex Campus provides clients with their learning materials and gives them control of their learning.

Flex Values 

Flex values are part of our DNA, they are what we work by, how we build relationships, and promise all our clients