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Welcome to Flex Lingua. Experts in language services and inter-cultural communication solutions

Are you looking to grow and expand your business globally, but feel language and culture could be a problem to success? Connect, Collaborate and Grow Worldwide #businessenglish


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“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Success in International Business depends on effective application of language + cross cultural communication. 

Flex Lingua will: 

  • Help your business achieve successful results through using language more effectively. 

  • Learn to understand and adapt to different cultures to improve cross-cultural communication. 

  • Build long lasting International business relationships. 

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Our Method helps you learn JUST what you need


Our programmes are fully personalised to meet your needs and requirements and provide a focused and targeted action plan to develop, strengthen and show improvements in your desired goals to achieve success.

We Provide a complete end to end measurable service from tailored linguistic audit analysis, mid programme assessments and final end of programme evaluation.

We believe in using a coaching relationship  approach which enables you to be an active participant in developing your programme and afford the flexibility to adapt with you if your situation or goals change. 

Our team of international experts have working knowledge and experience in different sectors helping you create a bridge between your existing skills and the skills you need to develop more effectively. 

“We don’t just develop people, we foster a culture of change to build meaningful relationships .”